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London, Ohio: an American dream


London, OH historic photo 1960's

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Updated February 03, 2015 | By Bob Fugett

Film Booklet : 1961 Sesquicentennial

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Following is a copy of the companion booklet with heading timecode location cues added for the 1961 film documentary digitized from the original film available on DVD from: Ohio Historical Society while sections missing from the OHS version may be found on the version taken from a VHS copy and available from the London Public Library.

The booklet was originally prepared by William J. Robison and William C. Holton with assistance from Sue Eades dated June 1, 1995.

It was retyped for web presentation by Bob Fugett with proof reading help from Mary Endico Fugett, August 31, 2012.

On November 20, 2012 a copy of the DVD from the London Public Library was received and timecode location cues were filled in here for the sections missing from the OHS version though these cues are less critical due to excellent titling and scene chapter navigation found on that DVD.

London, Ohio

Page 1

Opening Scenes  [ 00:00:34 ]

The movie begins with views of Main Street set up for the celebration. Ladies are shown in period dress outside the Citizens Loan & Savings at Main & High Streets. Old farm equipment set up on West First Street attracts the attention of several visitors (the present City Building can be seen in the background).

Carnival equipment set up on Main Street is shown at ground level. Jo Andrews, matron of the Childrens' Home, is shown handing out tickets to youngsters. [ Shown spinning solo on the teacup ride is Bob Fugett wearing a red sweatshirt. ]

At the London Area Chamber of Commerce office (where National City Bank is now located), are shown Thurman Snyder, Sesqui-centennial [sic] Chairman, Bryan Jenkinson, Mayor of London, and the Lord Mayor of London, Ontario and his wife.

Woody Dillion presents a trophy to the Sesqui-Centennial Queen, Dian Eades. In the Queen's Court are Sandy Speasmaker, Donna Dennen, and Sondra Henry.

Police Department  [ 00:04:35 ]

In front of the police station in the old City Building on East Second Street are the members of the Police Department headed by John Sherman, Chief. These include Tom Mayes, Ross Tipton, Jim Bussey, Bob Cox, and Oscar Payne.


Page 2

Fire Department  [ 00:04:56 ]

The fire station was located on East Second Street beside the police station. Shown are firemen Dick Minner, Jim Ellars, Robert Stewart, Dilwyn (Speed) Andrews (chief), Larry Nixon, and Don Cooper.

Post Office  [ 00:05:34 ]

Employees of the Post Office pose outside the building. Identifiable are Bill Ward, Dick Robinson (twirling beard), Ed Yerian (bib overalls and derby hat), and Rollo Shoaf, postmaster.

Central National Bank  [ 00:06:41 ]

Bruce Lewis, president of the bank (now the Huntington), is shown behind his desk. John Stroupe is at the drive-in window. (Note the old bookkeeping machines.)

Members of the bank staff include Barb Price, Doris Smith, Pat Rayburn, Ann Edwards, Beverly Wickline Johnson, Marilyn Wheeler Smith, Linda Vallery, Joe Londerg (bow tie), Bruce Lewis, and Bob Kavaney.

Francis Radio  [ 00:08:34 ]

At this store (in the Bridgman Building on South Main Street) Hobart Francis is shown demonstrating his wares to Diane Eades.


Page 3

Madison County Courthouse  [ 00:10:22 ]

All the courthouse staff gathered on the steps at the south side of the building for this group shot. Some who can be indentified are Sue Minner and Bill Bell. From the Auditor's Office are shown W. H. Culpepper and Forrest Hanson, Auditor.

Dinner Scene  [ 00:12:26 ]

Quite a number of distinguished citizens are shown in this scene, which may have been in Henri's Restaurant (later the China Lantern). These include Wilbur Hume, Leon Kling, Floyd Williams, J. J. Hartley, George Wickline, Dr. F. E. Rosnagle, Robert L. Chaney, Robert P. Redman, Thurman Snyder, Rev. Ernest A. Wall, Maurice E. Beathard, W. E. Lukens, Forrest R. Hanson, Cecil G. Harsh, Robert M. Creath, and Edward Geer. Others shown are D. H. Jackman, Wally Nichols, Roger Wilson, Milton Mustard, Bruce Lewis, Ken Phleger, Murray Creath, and Norman Heath.

Meade Tire Store  [ 00:14:11 ]

Views of this location (between the tracks on South Main Street) begin with the retreading machine. Dick Nixon (gray baseball cap) is shown. Dick Meade (leather cap) discusses tires with a customer, and Helen Meade is shown at the office desk.


Page 4

London High School  [ 00:17:09 ]

Identifiable in this group shot are Dwayne Snyder, Carl Roberts, Fred Smith, David Clifton, Mike Carter, Dick Hunter, Will Pratt, Tom Robinson, John Wall, Dick Reynolds, and Sandy Fout. Others shown are Karen Farquhar, Sandy Speasmaker, Sharon Alkire Dillon, Carolyn Green, and Cheri Mouser.

The photographer started over the left side and showed George Jordan, John Brill, Cannonball Byrd, David Miller, Rob Schnepp, Bob Zinser, Jim Vest, and John Sherman. Others are Gary Stites, Jerry Morehart, Butch Morrison, Bruce Deyo, Anthony Trent, Ty Bardon, and Steve Bell.

Starting at the left again, students shown are Rob Schnepp, Carl Roberts, Dick Hunter, Tom Cummins, Don Hayes, George Jordan, Will Pratt, John Wall, Larry Horn, and Cannonball Byrd.

Faculty members shown include Bob Smith, Jake von Kanel, Leroy Roudebush, Bob Parker, J. J. Hartley, Mary Jo Kennedy, Jane Russell, Marguerite Goodson, A. R. Hocking, and Mrs. Roudebush. [ Virginia Freid is shown first row far left of frame - Bob Fugett, 11/20/2012 ]

Hume & Mabe Store  [ 00:19:56 ]

Wilbur Hume is seen showing shirts, and Bob Mabe demonstrates coats. James F. Bell, Jr. is one of the customers. E. B. Rayburn shows hats. Jesse Rueb, seamstress, is shown with Bob Mabe, E. B. Rayburn, and Wilbur Hume.


Page 5

Dinner Scene  [ 00:21:22 ]

In this dinner scene can be identified Bill Bell, Joe Londergan, John Winchester (with mustache), D. H. Jackman, Ellie Grubbs, Bryan Jenkinson, Rev. Gulbis, Neil Ardrey, Dean Goodyear, Paul Andrix, and Bill Grubbs with vest & beard. Jack Holloway can be seen in the background.

Citizens Loan and Savings  [ 00:23:12 ]

Views inside this institution (at Main & High Streets) show Stewart Anderson, Betty Weimer Wilson, Norman Jones, Max B. Cannon, Forrest Hanson, and Wilbur Hume. Entering the vault is Russ Walls with Bill Grubbs and Betty Weimer Wilson. Separately are shown Max Cannon and Dr. F. E. Rosnagle.

Kangaroo Court  [ 00:24:37 ]

J. J. Hartley and Tom Selby are two of the "criminals" being punished by confinement in the stocks.

Henri's Restaurant  [ 00:25:23 ]

Employees of this restaurant, located on East High street in the space later used by the China Lantern, are shown in this scene.


Page 6

[ NOTE: the following sections are missing from the Ohio Historical Society DVD and this heading is missing from my copy of the booklet along with the first line below here being obscured. Otherwise these sections do exist on the London Public Library version DVD plus the excellent titling and scene selection on the LPL DVD lessens the necessity for a cue sheet generally. ]  [ 00:26:06 ]

[ first few words of first line obscured ] ... sesquicentennial parades viewed. A visiting band is followed by the queen and her court. The children parading with their dogs were entrants in a dog judging contest which is also shown. The scene concludes with another view of the queen and her court.

Chaney & Evens Insurance  [ 00:29:48 ]

This office was located in a building at West Second and South Main (present site of Walls & Bennett). Gloria Penwell, Mavis Eckstein, and Sue Chaney are in the first scene. Dick Evans is shown at his desk talking to Doris Evans. Bob and Sue Chaney are in the last scene.

Lions Club Dinner  [ 00:30:57 ]

Among this crowd are Chester Geer, C. N. McAllister, Hobart Baker, Henry Beathard, Pearl Tingley, Lowell Dillion, Wendell Steinmetz, Bob Day, Judge Robert Murray, Emil Yerian, and Joe Robertson.

Flax Auction  [ 00:32:47 ]

G. Harold Flax held regular auctions of farm equipment from a sale yard located on west High Street just east of Flax Drive. Houses shown in this scene are on Stump Lane and McDaniel Place. Harold Flax (in western hat) is shown calling the auction.

Blacker's Store  [ 00:33:59 ]

Allene Blacker Dickerson is shown with her sons Neil and Allan.


Page 7

Madison South High School  [ 00:34:31 ]

Some of the students shown are Dian Eades, Leroy Simpson, Bob Geesling, Ron Daniels, Jim Hill, Ed Ropp, Dan Moore, Rick Renick, and Jim Isles.

Faculty members include Mrs. Steele, Shirley Deyo, Claudia Justice, Bob Phillips, Mr. Whiteside, and Mrs. Clause.

Landmark Store [ titled "Town and Country Center" on  the LPL DVD ]

In the group photo, Paul Good, Glenn Sponsler, Lou Dailey, and Owen Ackerman can be identified.

Lambert Shell Station  [ 00:39:27 ]

This station was located at South Main and Center Streets.

Beard Contest  [ 00:39:59 ]

Sonny Wheeler is shown at the microphone. Judges included Alice Morris and Betty Penix Cotterman.

Sinclair Station  [ 00:41:53 ]

Steve's TV  [ 00:42:20 ]

Steve Zackany, proprietor, is shown both selling and servicing equipment.


Page 8

Thomas & Walls Hardware  [ 00:43:43 ]

Russ Walls is shown with the paint display. Lee Thomas can be seen, and H. H. (Fuzzy) Hume is behind the sales counter. Leon Kling is evidently considering purchase of a hacksaw.

St. John's Lutheran Church  [ 00:45:00 ]

Members of the church were dressed in period costumes for the service. Rev. Talivaldis Gulbis is shown with the congregation.

Contests at Cowling Park  [ 00:45:42 ]

Youngsters were treated to a watermelon eating contest at the park, followed by sack races and three-legged races.

Final Parade  [ 00:46:24 ]

The festivities were brought to a close by a parade. The marchers were swelled by several out-of-town units including two Civil War re-enactment groups and a Shrine marching unit.

Final Caveat

This material was prepared by William J. Robison and William C. Holton, with assistance from Sue Eades. Errors and omissions, though regrettable, will (we trust) be understandable.

June 1, 1995



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