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London, Ohio: an American dream


London, OH historic photo 1960's

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Gaming Google

Updated February 03, 2015  07:19:19 PM | By Bob Fugett

Gaming Google

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Here is how I achieved Google page 0ne (1) highest rankings for this book without spending a dime.

Knowing the secret of how to achieve high ranking in Internet search engine returns is useful for any person, group, or business who wants a good response to their web presence.

The first order of business for the writing of this book (London, Ohio: an American Dream) was to get it ranked high in Google searches hoping somebody might come across it and help me with information.

Getting good results with Google is a skill that I have perfected during  more than a quarter century working with computers, so within a few days of publishing the first page it was showing up on page one of Google text returns, and within a month I succeeded in taking over seven (7) of the top twenty (20) image returns pointing people to pages in this book for even the simplest of logical search queries.

You can see below the very simple search criteria that resulted in 5 images on the first page and 2 on the second—all of which link to pages here:

06/16/12: screen grabs from iPod Touch



These significant results were achieved without header tags, without paying for a single "search engine optimization and submittal" (SEO) service, and without extreme effort.

You can do it too.

The first hurdle is to break through the increasingly ubiquitous automated name gathering sites: those sites which programmatically scour the internet grabbing every town name, every business name, every organization name, and every person's name in order to guess together generic connections and spew out websites which appear to have some relationship to any of them.

Some of those websites even go so far as to put up an offer for those "whose name this is" to add content which once given gives (to the unwary) an enhanced appearance of legitimacy for the website.

Therefore, if you try to get high on the listings for something very generic like London, Ohio (or your own town) without any specific details, you will be fighting a losing battle.

Most of the top returns go to sites with very aggressive almost virus like automated processes, and clicking over to the linked websites generally reveals they contain little or no information relative to your search.

Except Google does do a pretty good job of weeding out the chaff, so in any given highly generalized search (such as for town and state), you might find a real business, or organization, or person or two in the town does appear.

But the information will not necessarily come from the entity itself nor even point to an entity owned website.

Therefore do not try to compete for high ranking in such a broad search such as merely town name and state—it is too generalized.

For instance today (06/18/12: a month after this book was first published online) pages from London, Ohio: an American dream do not show up until page 37 for a town and state search:

Page 37 Google search 06/18/12

Not totally unimpressive given the page 37 ranking is out of 52 million 900 thousand documents, but nobody conducting such a generic search is going to make it to page 37 before clicking a link.

Plus little is gained by being on top of the town library as you may have noticed above.

Pretty cool, but not useful.

Also notice how other results on that page are already mentioning a totally different town with a similar name—not London, Ohio, but for a town by the name of, well...you get it, so I will not put the name of that town here because doing so would only attract more searchers to what for them would be just another dead-end link.

Except if a person doing an internet search adds just a little detail for focus, the results can be breathtaking.

Excuse me for this quick aside, but this will be instructive.

Ironically due to my raging success with Google, my favorite photo is being supplanted by a screen grab (the one shown second image below here) which is now appearing in my top spot Google returns.

Therefore I am copying the image of my primary interest again (immediately below) and surrounding it with a repeat of the words London, Ohio plus historical and historic.

Quintessential historic photo of London, Ohio
This is the historical photo that one source
titled 'Cars1950s.jpg' while another
titled it 'london1960s.jpg'.

That should get this back to the top of image returns for Historic London Ohio.

Now we return to the tutorial.

Take a look at page 2 returns after merely adding the word historic.

Page 37 Google search 06/18/12

Notice this is still without quotes (eg: "historic town state") and already this book is found just above the town association's own website.

As stated previously, this was done without header tags, without paying for a single "search engine optimization and submittal" (SEO) service, and without extreme effort.

The trick to gaming Google is having specific content that will address the needs of specific searches.

In this case, my main goal was to attract somebody with information about the central image used as the cohesive thread in authoring this book:

Since my main interest is a photograph, switching to an image search and adding quotes makes perfect sense (something somebody looking for such things might do) and in that case one finds 7 of the first 20 returns on page 1 and 2 point to this book.

As of 07/08/12 twenty-four (24) out of the first thirty (30) images are pointing directly to these pages you are reading.

I saved those screen grabs in the same manner as I did the ones above, but I am reluctant to publish them here because already too many of my screen grabs are showing up in returns, and that has resulted in a bit of circular referencing that has made me feel somewhat shot in the foot by my own success.

When I do a search for more information that is newly posted, or that I may have missed previously, I am constantly thrown off the trail by links to my own work.

In any case those image returns are likely part of what brought you here, so you already know them, and will not need them repeated.

A little trick of mine is to start the ball rolling by publishing a link on a couple of my websites that have been feeding Google solid reliable content for more than a dozen years.

Reliable and long standing.

I always include a phrase or two which is likely to be unique across the internet in order to track the progress of pages as they move up the listings (my notes tracking the progress of this book are found on the About page).

In fact my success rate at getting content high in the rankings has been so stunning that I have often thought there must be actual humans at Google reviewing my work and flagging it worthwhile.

Not likely.

If you yourself want the same good search results, you do not need to spend money or play games—just be a little patient.

Merely put content on your pages that is relevant to you and your customers, and Google will track you down.

This will remain true for as long as Google continues to function as a true search engine as opposed to the large number of so-called search engines that are really only paid for advertising portals.

In summary the secret to gaming Google is to merely provide useful content and not game Google at all.




Ok... I couldn't resist posting the following three screen grabs from 07/08/12, but if I put them all the way down here (away from the text) maybe they won't be included with related search returns and gum up the works.

All returns circled in red (such as the three on the first line of page one) point to pages in this book.


10/28/12: You may have noticed that content associated with one of the photo snippets here and two from much further above are now missing from this website.

I found that content languishing on page 85 of Google returns, thought it deserved higher status, got it to page 1, but apparently somebody prefers not being famous.

My policy is: a favor is not a favor unless it is thought a favor, so on complaint the content was removed without question.

The good news is that removing the content has allowed my favorite photo to move up a few notches in Google returns.

I may as well give that favorite photo another plug here, so once again:



Historic photo of downtown London, Ohio which one source titled 'Cars1950s.jpg' while another titled it 'london1960s.jpg'.

Click for current photo on Wikipedia.


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