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 London, Ohio

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London, Ohio: an American dream


London, OH historic photo 1960's

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Historic Photos
Gaming Google

Updated February 03, 2015 | By Bob Fugett

Historic Photos

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Here are historic photos of  London, OH with links to original source material along with Google street level views that show the locations as they exist today.
This page is a holding pen for brainstorming content to be expanded into a logical narrative if needed.
Yes I know it is incredible, and no you cannot pay to have your content included on this top ranked website.
It is far too hard keeping my favorite photo sorted to the top of Google returns, and I never do such things for mere money.
Have to include statements such as: "Historical photos of downtown London, Ohio" and "Historic Main Street London, Ohio" and "Historic pictures London, Ohio" and similar off-topic comment.
Still the fact that this website is actually an interactive database of historical London, OH content is not so easily described but must be seen and navigated to understand.
The content found here is otherwise freely available on the Internet but otherwise spread out all over the place with no central location and no attempt to provide solid attribution with links to source material, nor updated locational and cultural context, plus credit where due.
Nothing remotely resembling this website (you are now looking at) exists anywhere else on the web; and once again, no, I do not do this sort of thing for hire.
Sorry for the distraction, but it had to be said.
Anybody can make a website, but I know how to make a website that works.






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